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How to avoid deformation and collapse of solar greenhouse
Time:2019-03-27 15:09:28Click:573

   Sturdiness is an important indicator of greenhouse quality. The carrying capacity of greenhouses, especially the "overwintering" management when it snows in winter, is a heavyweight challenge that can cause losses if you are not careful. So in the construction and use of solar greenhouse, how to avoid its deformation and collapse?

Let's first look at what factors are related to the deformation and collapse of the solar greenhouse. According to the exact investigation, it is found that the greater the inclination of the front of the greenhouse roof, the less deformation and collapse, and vice versa. It can be seen that the rake Angle is one of the factors affecting the firmness of the greenhouse. In addition, there are the following factors:

1. The longer the construction life, the more deformation and collapse. Because the older the greenhouses, the steel pipe has been corroded, resulting in the thinning of the pipe wall, resulting in a decline in the supporting capacity. Usually built more than three years of bamboo and wood structure of the solar greenhouse, mostly because of the decay of the bamboo, the weakening of the supporting force caused by deformation and collapse.

2. The solar greenhouse with seepage ditch in the front is less deformed and collapsed. Winter snow days, the snow on the roof of the solar greenhouse sliding, there will be a part of the slide into the infiltration ditch, thus reducing the pressure on the front of the solar greenhouse, the infiltration ditch deeper and wider solar greenhouse seldom deformation.

3. The deformation and collapse of solar greenhouse caused by timely snow removal are less. The snow on the roof of the greenhouse will increase the bearing capacity of the greenhouse. If it is not cleaned in time after snowfall in winter, it will easily collapse.

4. Span has little to do with deformation and collapse. Within a certain range, if the design is reasonable, material selection and construction quality are guaranteed, then the span size of solar greenhouse has no obvious correlation with deformation and collapse.

5. Solar greenhouse with column deformation, collapse less, depending on the bearing capacity of the column to reduce the burden of the greenhouse.