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Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of greenhouse framework accessories, horticultural equipment supply, technical services and marketing. Based on China's geographical, climatic, and economic characteristics, the company improves and perfects its design plan based on many years of greenhouse design experience and uses advanced greenhouse production equipment, processes and management. It strives to design greenhouse facilities that are consistent with local realities. High standards are required to complete the design, development and construction of greenhouse projects.

The company not only pays attention to the production process of the product, but also pays attention to the after-sales service of the product. The completion of the project and technical system and supply is just the beginning of our good cooperation with you. It will track the products sold by the company for a long time and lift it. Your worries. The company is good at designing and implementing turn-key projects, perfect design, professional installation and construction, personnel technical training, and market research, feasibility studies, and auxiliary management of projects at the later stage. The pursuit of high-grade and professional technology is our competition in the market China guarantees that all my colleagues in the company sincerely cooperate and sincerely wish to work together with counterparts at home and abroad to jointly prosper and develop our horticulture and greenhouse business.

Our goal is to sincerely hope that our two sides will build long-term, fruitful cooperation on the basis of mutual trust, now and in the future.

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