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The importance of greenhouse accessories
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Greenhouse greenhouse in greenhouse accessories in modern agriculture is playing a very important role, below we on how to prevent greenhouse soil aging to expand a simple discussion.

It is necessary to popularize the fertilization technology of greenhouse vegetable formula and soil measurement. Jianda greenhouse tells you: the use of scientific fertilization method, adhere to the combination of basal fertilizer and topdressing. Base fertilizer should be mainly organic fertilizer, with the application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer; Top dressing should be carried out according to different growth stages of vegetables and the size of fertilizer requirements in different times, focusing on the peak period of product organ formation such as rhizome, tuber expansion stage, knotting stage, flowering and fruiting stage. The base fertilizer should be deep, layered or furrow. Top dressing should be combined with watering. Spread leaf fertilization technology. Strictly control the use of chemical fertilizer especially to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizer. Put an end to blind fertilization, partial application of nitrogen fertilizer.


Greenhouse accessories to choose fertilizer not only to consider the nutrient content, but also to choose impurities, especially heavy metals and toxic substances content less, high purity fertilizer. Pay attention to the use of trace element fertilizer, promote nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer and organic, inorganic compound fertilizer. To vigorously promote the use of organic manure, to use fully mature after the accumulation of high-quality livestock manure such as manure. Adopt comprehensive control measure, be like scientific flood and drought rotation, vegetable grain, melon vegetable rotation; Increase the application of organic fertilizer; We will establish standardized greenhouse vegetables, strengthen irrigation and water conservancy projects, and lower the water table. The use of garbage and sewage irrigation is strictly prohibited. Rice can be rotated in fields with high cadmium content. Application of lime or calcium, magnesium, potassium fertilizer, silicon and calcium fertilizer can improve soil pH.