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Sunlight greenhouse
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[Sunlight greenhouse]

Sunlight greenhouse is the abbreviation of energy-saving solar greenhouse, also known as warm shed, which is composed of two side gables, post-maintenance wall, supporting framework and covering materials. It is a unique type of greenhouse in northern China. It is a kind of greenhouse that is not heated indoors. The rear wall absorbs solar energy to realize heat storage and maintain a certain temperature level in the room to meet the needs of vegetable crop growth.

Solar greenhouse is a relatively simple facility that makes full use of solar energy, and generally does not heat vegetables for winter cultivation in cold areas, while the cultivation facility for producing fresh vegetables has a distinctive Chinese characteristic. It is a unique facility in China. The structure of solar greenhouses varies from place to place, and there are many classification methods. According to the wall material, there are mainly dry soil soil greenhouses, masonry structure greenhouses, and composite structure greenhouses. According to the length of the rear roof, there are long backslope greenhouses and short backslope greenhouses. According to the front roof form, there are two-fold, three-fold, arch-round, and micro-arch. According to the structure, there are bamboo-wood structure, steel-wood structure, reinforced concrete structure, all-steel structure, all-reinforced concrete structure, suspension cable structure, and hot-dip galvanized steel pipe assembly structure.





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