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Mobile sprinkler irrigation
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 The dual-rail suspension travelling sprinkler is driven by a reduction motor, and the operating speed of the sprinkler can be adjusted by a variable frequency control system. The sprinkler is suspended on the running track composed of two galvanized steel pipes in the upper part of the greenhouse. The water supply pipe and the power supply cable are suspended on the running track by the suspension pulley on the track, and can be extended or retracted as the sprinkler moves forward and backward. Each nozzle on the sprinkler irrigation pipe contains nozzles with different flow rates and atomization degrees, and suitable nozzles can be selected according to irrigation requirements.

     Each time the sprinkler is started, it will automatically stop running after one round trip and wait for the next start. Sprinkler forward and return speeds can be set separately. The sprinkler irrigation pipes on both sides of the sprinkler are controlled separately. It can be set in advance whether the sprinkler irrigation pipe is operated with sprinkler irrigation when the sprinkler machine is running. The sprinkler irrigation pipe can also be manually switched by the control button when the sprinkler machine is running to achieve precise irrigation The purpose of saving water.

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