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Wenluo glass greenhouse
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【Wenlu Glass Greenhouse】

Glass greenhouse refers to the greenhouse with glass as the lighting material, which belongs to a kind of greenhouse. In the cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse is the longest service life form, which is suitable for use in various regions and various climate conditions.

The glass greenhouse has a modern and novel appearance, stable structure, smooth vision, extremely strong light transmittance, which can reach more than 90%, and has strong resistance to wind and snow.

The cover material is domestic single-layer float glass or double-layer insulating glass, which has uniform light and high intensity, and is extremely corrosive and flame-retardant. More than 90% light transmission, and does not decline over time and other advantages. The double-layer insulating glass cover is stronger than the single-layer glass cover in terms of anti-condensation resistance and good thermal insulation effect. The top and periphery of the greenhouse are connected by special aluminum profiles.

Its area and use mode can be freely adjusted by the greenhouse owner, and is divided into different use modes: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, seedling glass greenhouse, ecological glass greenhouse, scientific research glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, special-shaped glass greenhouse, and leisure glass greenhouse. , Smart glass greenhouses and more. The smallest ones are courtyard leisure type, with a large height of more than 10 meters, a span of up to 16 meters, a maximum of 10 meters in the bay, a smart control of one button, and a variety of heating in the glass greenhouse in winter. Way, its energy consumption cost is centered.

Compared with other greenhouses, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable structure, smooth vision, strong light transmittance, strong snow and snow resistance, and good display effects.




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