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Thin-film greenhouse
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【Thin film greenhouses】

    The multi-span greenhouse is an upgraded existence of the greenhouse. In fact, it is a super-large greenhouse. It connects the original independent single-room greenhouse with scientific methods, reasonable design and excellent materials to connect the original independent single-room greenhouse.


    1. Compared with traditional greenhouses, the use of greenhouses and greenhouses in the form of multi-story buildings is a bright spot compared to traditional greenhouses, and the utilization area is much larger than that of traditional greenhouses.

    2.It is more unified, more scientific in operation, saves time and improves efficiency than traditional greenhouses.

The thin-film greenhouse has low cost and is suitable for large-scale promotion in China.

There are two types of double-layer film and single-layer film:

    After the double-layer membrane is inflated, it can form a thick airbag, which can effectively prevent heat loss and prevent the flow of cold air and heat dissipation, which is helpful for cooling and dehumidifying in summer;

    The vault is more conducive to the decline of rain and snow, reduces wind resistance, and improves the load capacity of the greenhouse; reduces condensation and drips, and reduces the incidence of pathogens caused by excessive humidity;

    Users of single-layer film greenhouses can flexibly choose the number and height of the top and side shutters according to actual needs and weather conditions, so as to better adjust the environment in the greenhouse;

In response to the increasing rainfall in the south, large-capacity gutters are used in single-layer greenhouses to ensure timely drainage of rainwater.



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